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World Ch. Schedule : FRI 13:00 KST

* Date : 2016-11-04

Simply K-Pop Ep 238 Line-up
I.O.I – Very Very Very

Born in the hands of the nation, I.O.I returned to fans again as 11 members following their unit group promotions in August.

Very bright and bubbly, "Very Very Very" is a song about a girl who wants to hear that she's loved when the feelings are sincere.

Block B

Known for his singing and performing abilities, SE7EN broke his 4 year and 8 month hiatus to release his new album, "I AM SE7EN".

With a rhythmical funk and simple major code combo, "GIVE IT TO ME" was made by The Stereo Types, with SE7EN's participation.

Jun Hyo Seong
Dal★Shabet – FRI.SAT.SUN

After becoming a 4-member group in January, Dal★Shabet made a comeback after 8 months with their 10th mini-album "FRI.SAT.SUN".

With a mix of different genres, "FRI.SAT.SUN" is a strong and dainty song that slips right into the ears with its seductive rhythm.


With a distinct color that separates them from other girl groups, LADIES' CODE returned with their new album "STRANG3R".

Although not bright and lively, "The Rain" allows you to be musically drenched in rain with its groovy melody.

Boys Republic
Na Yoon Kwon – So it is

Loved by the public for his charismatic voice, Na Yoon Kwon returned with a new digital single album, perfect for the autumn season.

Made sweet and serene with Na Yoon Kwon's voice, "So it is" is a remake of Kim Jo Han's song, first released in 2002.

100% – Cause you

After becoming stronger as a 5-member group, 100% broke their hiatus of 2 years and 3 months with their mini-album "TIME LEAP".

About the pain of a breakup, "Cause you" has dreamlike synth sounds and groovy rhythms that allow you to fall for 100%'s unique colors.

Jun Hyo Seong
NC.A – Next Station

Noticed for the strong voice that comes out her small figure, NC.A unveiled her 1st full-length album since her debut 3 years ago.

With NC.A sounding more mature than ever, "Next Station" is a sad ballad song about not being able to forget a past lover.


Continuously pursuing the EDM genre, 24K, loved by fans around the world, unveiled their 1st full-length album "THE REAL ONE".

As a festival EDM song that shows 24K's colors, "BINGO" is about overcoming the struggles of a breakup to rise back up to the top.

SF9 – Fanfare

Well-known through a survival program, the 9 members are ready to surprise the world with the name, SF9, meaning 'Sensational Feeling 9'.

"Fanfare" is an addictive and danceable song that includes a mix of trap hip-hop and electronica, perfectly showcasing SF9's charms.

PENTAGON – Gorilla

Covering the 5 points of vocal/rap, dance, teamwork, talent, and mind, PENTAGON finally made their debut after being on a reality program.

Having very powerful beats, "Gorilla" is about the wild and dynamic feelings that a man feels towards a woman he loves.


Ready to approach you like a close friend, HIGHTEEN returned after 5 months with their 1st mini-album "TEEN MAGIC".

As an enjoyable stress-relieving song, "BOOM BOOM CLAP" is about forgetting everything for a day and just going out to have fun.

Honey G – Don't wanna be your friend

Following the suggestion of an audition program judge to team up, Honey G debuted and became a group known for their harmony.

As an urban style, medium tempo song, "Don't wanna be your friend" is about what happens after getting a confession gets rejected.

MATILDA – You Bad! Don't Make Me Cry!

After hitting up the summer in July, MATILDA has returned with a new album for the autumn season.

"You Bad! Don't Make Me Cry!" contains a powerful reggae and EDM sound that allows each member's charms to pop.

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