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World Ch. Schedule : FRI 13:00 KST

* Date : 2016-10-07

Simply K-Pop Ep 234 Line-up

Following a year and 2 months since their 5th mini-album "Reality" 2015,INFINITE made a grand return with their 6th mini-album,"INFINITE ONLY".

With grandiose sounds and symbolic lyrics,"The Eye" is about a man S who is unable to pull himself away from a storm caused by a breakup.

Block B
Dal★Shabet – FRI.SAT.SUN

After becoming a 4-member group in January,Dal★Shabet made a comeback after 8 months with their 10th mini-album "FRI.SAT.SUN".

With a mix of different genres,"FRI.SAT.SUN" is a strong and dainty song that slips right into the ears with its seductive rhythm.

Jun Hyo Seong
SONG JI EUN – Bobby Doll

After receiving lots of love with "Twenty-Five",SONG JI EUN made a solo comeback in 2 years,more mature than ever with "Bobby Doll".

As a sophisticated dance song with rhythmical guitar riffs,"Bobby Doll" wittily compares confident and charming ladies to a "Bobby Doll".

LABOUM – Shooting Love

Beloved for their refreshing and lively charms,LABOUM unveiled their 1st mini-album "LOVE SIGN",adding onto the bubbliness.

Cheery and bright as ever,"Shooting Love" is about a girl who wants her feelings to be known by shooting arrows of love into that person’s heart.

Boys Republic
HALO – Mariya

Known for their warm-heartedness,the 6-member boy group HALO returned with their 2nd mini-album "HAPPY DAY".

The song "Mariya" carries a powerful and refreshing rock sound and is about the honesty and courage of 6 ambitious boys.

Crayon pop – Doo Doom Chit

Unveiling their 1st full-length album since their debut,Crayon pop made a comeback in a year and 6 months with "Evolution Pop_Vol.1".

As a retro disco song,"Doo Doom Chit" is a parody of a popular emoticon that includes an exciting melody and witty performance.

Jun Hyo Seong
MASC – Strange

With the members experienced in different areas,the rookie group, MASC,made their debut with their 1st mini-album "Strange".

"Strange" carries strong drum riffs and a bluesy guitar performance that is made whole with MASC’s clean cut and in-sync choreography.

KANTO – Lonely

With a strong musical history that includes TROY activities and collaborations,rapper KANTO unveiled his 1st EP album,"14216".

Mixing tropical house and hip hop together,"Lonely" is about a man,left behind by an ex-lover,pretending to put up a strong front to hide his pain.


Noticed for his already seasoned skills on an audition program, JUNG JIN WOO made his long-awaited debut with "In My Room".

With JUNG JIN WOO’s vocals and producer Kei.G’s exquisite sounds,"B side U" is a song that stands out with a mix of PBR&B,hip hop and soul.

LEE YE JOON – Be mine

After showing potential as a lyricist in 2015,LEE YE JOON returned with a new album,having worked on the lyrics once again.

As a medium tempo R&B Pop song,"Be mine" has witty lyrics that expresses the shy but honest feelings of a girl towards a man she likes.

VX – What you

Debuted in July of 2015,VX returned with their 2nd single album "VX What you" after a year.

Kicking off with a guitar riff and funky drum beats,"What you" is about a man who describes how it feels to fall in love.

Kwon Ae Jin – Wound (Feat. Li-G)

Gaining much interest as a high school student version of Ailee on one audition program. Kwon Ae Jin released her 2nd song "Wound".

With Kwon Ae Jin’s emotional voice,"Wound" is a song made by producer Wild Boar,the creator of songs by Urban Zakapa,Lim Chang Jung,and more.

Jeon Min Kyung – Awesome

With great passion for trot music since age 13,Jeon Min Kyung,who kept the dream of becoming a trot singer alive,finally debuted after much effort.

Her title song "Awesome" is a song to be loved with its easygoing melody and witty lyrics,mixed in with a refreshing and exciting dance rhythm.

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