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* Date : 2016-08-16

Jake Levine, an American poet helping Korean poetry reach a wider audience worldwide

When Han Kang was awarded the Man Booker International Prize for the English-language version of her novel translated by Deborah Smith, people turned their attention to translators including Jake Levine, who has been introducing Korean poetry to English-speaking readers around the world.

Jake Levine has translated numerous poems by prominent Korean poets including Kim Hye-soon, Kim Kyung-ju, Kim Yi-deum and Kim Min-jeong for the Asia Literary Review and a number of other literary magazines. He even gave a presentation on Korean poetry at a conference of the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) earlier this year.

During the interview, he stressed the importance of fully grasping every aspect of the poem including the style in addition to the meaning of the words when translating. He also noted the potential of Korean female poets and the unique appeal of their works.

Join us on"The Innerview" to meet Jake Levine, and hear his thoughts about contemporary Korean poetry and his latest project that involved translating the poems by Korean female writers.

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