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* Date : 2006-04-28



Mystery of Asia

Westerners call the Asian culture “mysterious.” To Asians, however, it’s just a way of life that is scientific.
“Mystery of Asia” is a documentary showcasing the large and small elements that make up Asian culture. To foreigners, the topics may seem exotic -- Shamanism, Eastern medicine, martial arts and the Kama Sutra are some of the subjects touched upon in the series. But to residents in Asia, these themes are a part of history as well as modern life.
Tune in and discover the tradition, soul and wisdom behind the Asian lifestyle. That way, it won’t be a mystery anymore.

1. Ninja, A journey of finding the shadow
Ninjas thrived during the dark ages known as the Warrior Period. Everyone knew about them and their ideology. This episode covers one Westerner’s journey to understand the fact that ninjas were a very real part of Japanese history.

2. Erotica, It runs through the earth
The Kama is known to be the most important type of pleasure, one that takes precedence over even religious perfection. It also had little to do with status, academics and wealth. In fact, in India, sexuality is part of the Sage’s lineage. What are some of the things ancient Indians attained through sexuality? Find out on this episode of “Mystery of Asia.”

3. Judgement of Character
Humans have long read each other’s faces. Experts can even decipher one’s past and future just from looking at the visage. This episode poses seven questions about the face. A representative motto? “We can change our faces through effort, and the changed face can change destiny.”

4. Qi, the Universe in you
What exactly is ki-energy? And how does it serve as the basis for numerous unsolved phenomena? Tune in and explore the world of ki-energy. You’ll discover that the human body and spirit make up one very distinct microcosm.

5. Between
Ever wonder how a shaman in Korea leads a spiritual, active life amid the industrial and technology-driven climate of modern times? This episode takes viewers inside the private lives of Shamans, shedding light on how Shaman believes play a part in everyday Korean life.

6. Genghis Khan, the memory of the wind
Follow two artists as they journey to the hometown of Genghis Khan and re-experience the legend’s greatness. Through meeting intriguing people and visiting enlightening places, they learn the true meaning of this unforgettable figure and about the history of Mongolia.

7. Singing with spirits
Khoomy is a specific type of traditional vocal music sung with the throat. The song arises from the spirit, which adds to the art’s elusive and fascinating air. Unearth the mysteries of khoomy.

8. Sky burial, returning to life through death (Working title)
The setting is a temple in northern Tibet. The situation? Foreigners are prohibited from entering territory around the temple because a body, surrounded by eagles, is being carried. This is the venue for traditional Tibetan funerals, also known as sky burials. This film reveals the hidden philosophy of Tibetan life and death, a secret that has been sustained for  centuries.

9.  Elixir of Life 
The human race has dreamt about immortality since the beginning of its history. This episode zooms in on a herb for eternal youth – one that has been sought by generations of ancient doctors and royal cooks. Dive into the mysteries of Asian medicinal herbs.

10. Desire for Emptiness
Western countries have satiated the human desire to fly through science and mechanics. Asia, in contrast, has tried to transcend gravity by using “Kyungongsul” (flying skills). Re-discover the origin of Asian martial arts.


The 3rd Arirang Kids’ English Speech Contest

Commemorating Children’s Day, Arirang will broadcast the final competition for the 3rd Arirang Kids’ English Speech Contest, hosted by Arirang and sponsored by KITA (Korea International Trade Association). Striving to teach kids better English through practical expressions and to raise global leaders, 12 teams all made up of elementary students will now take part in a final contest at COEX auditorium. They will give 3-minute-long English speeches and perform. Favorite emcees Dorothy Nam and Robert Harley will lead the event, which includes special performances. This program will co-air with Da-gyo Children TV. 



Heidi, a 5-year-old child living in the year 1877, was orphaned as a baby but lives with a sweet and kind grandfather in the Alps. She later visits Frankfurt to play with Clara, who was born in a rich family but suffers from weak health and cannot walk normally. The two girls become friends and Clara becomes a happier person. Heidi, however, becomes so homesick she starts sleep walking. She returns to her grandfather’s place and returns to good health. Clara, missing Heidi, manages to walk to her house with some help.


The Shower (Year of production 1979 Director Ko Young-nam)

Suk-ee meets the grandchild of an old man named Yoon Yeon-ee, who has transferred from Seoul. Yeon-ee wants to get close to Suk-ee, but Suk-ee always avoids her. One day, Yeon-ee feels empty without Suk-ee. The two run into a sudden shower while viewing maples, hiding in a lookout shed. Yeon-ee, who suffers from poor health, catches a fever but then recovers. One day, as Suk-ee runs to Yeon-ee’s house to give her walnuts he has gathered, he receives devastating news. 

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