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130 2005-12-30 260회- "어떻게 관리하면 좋을까요?" "How should I treat it?" V
129 2005-12-29 259회- "마음에 드세요?" "How do you like this?" V
128 2005-12-28 258회- "그냥 다듬기만 해 주세요." "I’d like just a trim for my bangs." V
127 2005-12-27 257회- "머리는 언제 감으셨어요?" "When did you wash your hair?" V
126 2005-12-26 256회- "뭘 하실 건가요?" "How can I help you?" V
125 2005-12-23 255회-“자장면 시켜줄게.”I'll buy Chinese noodle for lunch.” V
124 2005-12-22 254회-“예쁜 여자가 산다니까.”Some pretty girl is even living down stair.” V
123 2005-12-21 253회-“혼자 살기에는 딱 좋아요.”It's really good for one person living.” V
122 2005-12-20 252회-“어떤 집을 원하시는데요?” What kind of house would you like to? V
121 2005-12-19 251회-“복덕방에 가보지 그래” “Why don't you quickly go to real estate agency?” V
120 2005-12-16 250회- “오해할 뻔했네.” “I almost misunderstood.” V
119 2005-12-15 249회- “왜 나이를 물어 보는지 모르겠어.” “I don't understand why Korean people always ask your age.” V
118 2005-12-14 248회- “그럼 말을 놓을까요?” “Then can we speak the casual form?” V
117 2005-12-13 247회- “왜? 무슨 일 있었어?” “Why? What's the matter?” V
116 2005-12-12 246회- “아가씨. 어디 가나?” “Where are you going, lady?” V
115 2005-12-09 245회- “청소하느라고 힘들었어요.” “It was really hard to clean.” V
114 2005-12-08 244회- “집들이 선물로 뭐가 좋을까요?” “What do you think is a good gift for a house-warming party?” V
113 2005-12-07 243회- “중고 가구도 쓸 만해요.” “Second-hand furniture isn't bad.” V
112 2005-12-06 242회- “가져갈 필요가 없겠군요.” “You don't need it any more.” V
111 2005-12-05 241회- “집을 구하셨다면서요?” “I heard you found new house.” V
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