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[Cine Factory] is a programme about K-dramas and K-movies that are just as popular as K-pop songs all around the world. Join DJ Sophiya every morning since 11a.m. until noon for interesting and fun stories related to movies, dramas, and news from Hollywood!
Daily Corners
# Factory Choice
On 'Factory Choice,' we bring you original sound tracks from K-dramas or K-movies every day.
# Factory Quiz
Solve movie or drama related quizzes with fun clues everyday with us on 'Factory Quiz!'
# Message Time
Our lives are more like movies than actual movies!
On 'Message Time,' we introduce various messages sent to us from our listeners.
Weekly Corners
Monday # Behind The Scenes
On 'Behind the Scenes,' we talk about every fun, nitpicking behind story related to movies and dramas, including casting episodes and what happened on set.
Tuesday # Back in the Days
What were the most popular movies in that year?
On 'Back in the Days,' we go through box office rankings from the past.
Also, we play K-pop songs that were famous back then!
Join us every Tuesday to take a little trip down the memory lane!
Wednesday # Play the Words
Time to act!
On 'Play the Words,' our DJ Sophiya acts out K-pop lyrics like an actress from a TV series! Tune in every Wednesday to take a sneak peek at her acting.
Thursday # Screen your Life (Guest: Ben Akers)
We choose diverse topics to talk about every Thursday on 'Screen Your Life.'
From movies of certain genres you like to those you'd like to watch in various situations…
Send us your messages about movies that mean a lot to you.
We're here to hear and talk all about them.
Special live performances every week by our guest, Ben Akers is another reason why you shouldn't miss this segment!
Friday # Box office Weekly
On 'Box Office Weekly,' we discuss domestic and international box offices.
Also, we talk about newly released movies of the week that are notable.
Weekend Corners
Saturday # Santa Monica Dream
Weekends are perfect for going on trips!
Where was this movie shot?
Where was this drama filmed?
Every Saturday on 'Santa Monica Dream,' we take you to places where famous movies and dramas were set in!
Sunday # Sunday Brunch
On 'Sunday Brunch,' we introduce messages that we've received from our listeners throughout the week but weren't read on air.
Your DJ Sophiya will make sure there aren't any unread messages sent to us from our lovely listeners!