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Sum up top stories of the day with Korea Now.
Current affairs and the situation in and out of the country will be analyzed in an in-depth, but easy-to-understand way.
With an in-depth analysis of our international correspondents and experts’ insight on the issues, we provide things you must know for the evening.
Daily Corner
▶ Part 1
Evening Headline
Korea Now starts with the top news headlines of the day.
Focus on Headline (Kwon So A)
We provide you with an in-depth analysis of the top news from the headlines.
Worldwide News 
We go beyond the Korean Peninsula. We go over what happened all around the world.
Weather (Shin Se Byuck)
Check out the weather in and outside of the country
Business Daily(Choi Jin Seok)
A close eye on onshore/offshore equity markets and analysis of global economic trends
Issue N People(Kim Bo Gyung)
Why has this issue or the person become the hot topic of the day? Let's look into it to find reasons behind its popularity.

▶ Part 2
Today in History
What happened today, in history? We look into key historical events that happened today.
[Mon, Tue] Tech- Plus (Yim Hyun Su)
We provide you with the latest science news including new scientific information, IT updates… and even interesting findings!
[Wed, Thu] Clinic Now (Alice Hyun Kyung Tan / Raimund Royer)
Get seasonal health tips from our experts!
[Fri] Chef's Table (Ryan)
The chef's pick for this week: Learn the chef's secret recipes and Korean cuisine for the season.
Weekly Corner
[Mon] For Your Money (Song Su Hyun)
Every penny counts! Learn smart ways to manage your finances that can easily be applied to everyday lives
[Tue] All about K (Singer-songwriter Sobae)
All about K-culture. Let's dive into the latest culture and entertainment news in Korea
[Wed] Global Now
Expect international correspondents to report you the latest local news!
[Thu] Weekly Sports (Kang Yoo Rim)
All about this week's hottest sports news. Stay tuned for this week's sports updates!
[Fri] Ilya`s Viewpoint (Ilya Belyakov)
Ilya addresses Korean issues from a different point of view.