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The Korean wave is sweeping across the globe, with a growing number of people showing interest in various aspects of Korean culture!

Join us on our show to learn about the "real life in Korea" and see the hidden charms that have captivated countless visitors and expats!
Daily Corners
What's the Scoop?
Check out the hottest issues on social media from DJ Peter's perspective
K-stream (with News Reader Kwon Joo-hyun)
Let's delve into Korean culture based on the hashtags that are currently popular!
A hashtag will be chosen each day for a discussion with our listeners.
Weekly Corners
[Monday] Hot Take with Xander
We share cultural trends and events in Korea
with Korean cultural talker Xander and listeners.
[Tuesday] Welcome to Korea with Korean Unnie (Guest: Moon So-hyeon)
"When in Korea, do as the Koreans do!"
We will teach you the etiquette rules that you should remember when visiting or living in Korea.
Learn Korean expressions through short skits on Korean etiquette.
[Wednesday] Kulture Club (Guest: Lee Bom)
Delve into Korean culture based on popular content!
We'll also zoom in on the hit Korean movies and dramas that you’re bound to love!
[Thursday] Travel Buff with Martine (Guest: Martin Bushell)
An amazing quiz show of Korea, by Korea and for Korea!!!
Join us on diverse thematic trips across Korea and build a special itinerary that you and your travel companions can enjoy.
[Friday] Flashback Friday with Chihee (Guest: Choi Ji-hee)
Let's turn back the hands of time and talk about some memorable events!
We'll take you back to the past and discuss major events around the globe as well as entertainment news and trends that caused quite a buzz in Korea.
Weekend Corners
[Saturday Part 1] K-stream this week (with News Reader Kwon Joo-hyun)
Learn about the Korean celebrities who created quite the buzz this past week!
[Saturday Part 2] What in the World?
Check out the overseas issues as well as sports news that everyone around the world is talking about.
[Sunday Part 1] K-stream This Week (with News Reader Kwon Joo-hyun)
Hear more about the Korean TV programs that are causing a sensation these days!
[Sunday Part 2] K-trend Pick
What are some of the items that are trending in Korea?
Stay up-to-date with what's going on here in Korea based on the latest trends.