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What started as Korea getting closer to the rest of the world under the banner of hallyu...
...has snowballed into a global trend with all eyes on Korean culture.
Your daily dose of the country.
All things Korea are waiting for you on #dailyk.
Daily Corners
[Monday-Friday] K-stream
A look at Korean culture through real-time trending hashtags.
A corner where listeners communicate through the latest Korea-related keywords.
[Monday-Sunday] Yesterday Today
Time to look back on Korea's past that made today possible.
Let's go back in history and find out what happened on this day.
Weekly Corners
[Monday] Travel Buff with Martin (Guest: Martin Bushell)
There are countless reasons to travel to Korea!
And through thematic tours that you can enjoy with anyone, anytime, you'll be itching to visit all corners of the peninsula and beyond.
[Tuesday] Welcome to Korea with Korean Unnie (Guest: Moon So-hyun)
Learning language through dramas and movies that are popular among Hallyu fans.
Listeners can participate in live broadcasts and correct their Korean pronunciation!
Every Tuesday, enjoy this enthralling Korean class.
[Wednesday] K-time Playtime with Cedric (Guest: Cedric Stout)
Your chance to pit your wits against the rest to find out just how much you know about Korea through fun and games.
Let's have a blast every Wednesday through quizzes and questions all about the place we love.
[Thursday] K-Patch with Alex (Guest: Alex Sigrist)
This is the digital video age.
Take a camera and uncover every part of Korea to observe the real culture and the real people.
It's time to share various Korean stories with listeners through video on the radio.
[Friday] Inside Korea with Seyoung (Guest: Yoon Se-young)
Follow the hottest issues in Korea like the paparazzi.
With our finger on the pulse of the latest fads and what's all the rage, count on Inside Korea to keep you up to date with what's hot here.
Weekend Corners
[Saturday Part 1] What's the Scoop?
Sharing the most eye-catching posts from DJ Peter's social media feeds, a unique snapshot of Korea.
[Saturday Part 2] Weekly Wrap
Busy this week and missed out on #dailyk? Never fear for Saturday is here!
We'll round up the best bits from Monday to Friday in a weekly recap.
[Sunday Part 1]What's the Scoop?
Sharing the most eye-catching posts from DJ Peter's social media feeds, a unique snapshot of Korea.
[Sunday Part 2] K-Trend Pick
What is THE trend going on in Korea right now?
Time to see Korea through the lense of its latest trends.