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The morning show dedicated to helping you kickstart your day with the most accurate, up-to-date, and easy-to-understand insight on news and issues in Korea.
- Air Time : Weekday 7:00 ~ 8:00
Daily Segments
▶ Headline News
:Start your morning off with the top news of the day coming from home and abroad
▶ Arirang News in Depth
:Follow up on the latest top story of the day with in-depth commentary
▶ Overseas News Coverage
:Take a look at reports from foreign media outlets on South and North Korea, inter-Korean relations as well as other major international news
▶ News Feed
:Get a review of the major stories that made the front covers of Korean newspapers
▶World Online Issues
:Keep up to date on most-searched issues and trending keywords online
Special Segments
▶ Expert Insight
:Get an in-depth look on what the main issues are all about with our experts in politics, diplomacy, national security and economics
▶ North Korea Now
:Stay updated with the latest coming out of North Korea on the surface and behind the scenes with our experts
▶ Social Issues & Public Opinion
:Look into some of the current affairs that are most talked about and public's views on them