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Every night from 12 a.m. to 2 a.m.! LEX's HOT BEAT will boost your energy with the upbeat and exciting rhythms of K-POP!

Daily Corners
Check Me In
We get to find out and know more about what you like, what you don't like, what you're scared of, your hobbies, your personality, mottos, role models, and more through your messages.
Mission Impossible, Season 5
A quiz where you have to guess the title and singer of the song just by listening to the front part of the song.
Hit the Beat
Just like Hot Beat, very Hot Beat like!
It's the time where listeners get to enjoy two upbeat dance songs!
Weekly Corners
[Monday] STAR, backstage! Season 2 (guest: Hayana)
From the behind stories of idol groups on and off stage that Hot Beat listeners are curious about to fun news and interviews of Korean celebrities that are famous overseas as well! It's the time where we deliver everything to our Hot Beat family.
[Tuesday] I love Korea (guest: Pae Su-Jung)
Want to learn about Korea?
You can learn all about Korea, from traditional cuisines and famous places to Korean culture through our funny skits!
[Wednesday] Oppas~ (guest: Goni)
Questions related to relationships and love, and all the things you want to share with us! Apologies, celebrations, and all your worries!
If you have something to say, just tell us in this segment!
We're here to listen to all our HOT BEAT families' stories, and we are your "Oppayas~"
[Thursday] Question Mark (guest: Dabit)
Time to resolve all the question marks that you have in your daily life! HOT BEAT welcomes all questions from the insignificant little questions to serious ones! We welcome them all!!
[Friday] Hashtag WHO (guest: David Oh)
Every week, Lex and David Oh hold a competition for the best song theme. Just vote for the person who has the better theme and send us song requests under the theme through your messages!
Weekend Corners
[Saturday] Quiz World
- 1st hour: The world of song quizzes
The time to see how much you know about K-POP through quizzes!
- 2nd hour: The world of global quizzes
A quiz about the unique and entertaining articles around the world!
- 1st hour: Listener's Choice
Choose a playlist theme yourself and along with it send us why you chose the theme and the song requests that go well with the theme.
- 2nd hour: Hot Beat Magazine
The segment where K-Culture news is addressed in a fun and easy way.