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Every night from 12 to 2am, together with our listeners, Hotbeat DJ Lex will fill this time with energy with Kpop beats and music that shook this world.

Daily Corners
“Where are you? What are you up to? What are you going to do? What are you going to eat?” It's the time when DJ Lex, who is very curious about your daily life, asks questions every day and you guys send in your replies.
Mission Impossible, Season 6
Find the Kpop genius! The quiz where you listen to the intro of the song and Lex's fun hints and try to guess the Kpop song. One lucky person who guesses the correct answer will be given a signed polaroid of DJ Lex.
Hit the Beat
The time to ramp up your day with excitement with two dance songs.
Hot! and full of Beat! Why don't you hang out at Hotbeat?
Weekly Corners
(Monday) STAR, backstage! (guest: Hayana)
The time where we tell you the backstage stories of idols that our Hotbeat family is curious about. From idol comebacks to surveys, preferences, hot issues, interviews and behind stories, we've got them all.
(Tuesday) Word Up! (guest: Goni)
The time where we chat with our listeners with questions related to one word! Also, don't miss Goni and Lex's quiz related to the word. We're going to choose one person with the correct answer and upload a video with a congratulatory message on our SNS!
(Wednesday) Let's PLAY in KOREA (guest: Jane)
Find out Korea's travel spots, culture, and Kpop with Hotbeat's travel guide Jane. Lex and Jane will also talk about their experiences living in Korea through a fun skit.
(Thursday) Question Mark (guest: Villain)
‘OMG such an odd question!! Thank you for asking us this kind of question!‘ The time where we introduce and ask all the weird and unique questions in the world.
(Friday) Hashtag WHO (guest: David Oh)
Every week, Lex and David Oh hold a competition for the best song theme. Just vote for the person who has the better theme and send us song requests under the theme through your messages!
Weekend Corners
(Saturday) Quiz World
▷ 1st hour: The world of song quizzes
The time to see how much you know about K-POP through quizzes!
▷ 2nd hour: The world of global quizzes
A quiz about the unique and entertaining articles around the world!
Sunday 1st hour: Listener's Choice
Choose a playlist theme yourself and along with it send us why you chose the theme and the song requests that go well with the theme.
2nd hour: HOT BEAT HOT PICK!
The time to enjoy hot tracks chosen in Hotbeat!