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Super K-pop is a program that uses all of the different genres of K-pop to present the endless possibilities of K-pop. From the hottest current hit songs, to all of the hidden gems we don't know about. You’ll be able to hear all of it right here.
Daily Corners
Daily K-Pop Quiz
Everyday, let's solve quizzes about the kpop stars we like.
Monthly Chat
We are giving out topics monthly, please share your thoughts.
Weekly Corners
Mon : K-Star & Live
Introduce hot K-pop Stars. Listen to them sing live and look at listeners' messages together.
Tue : Song Bless You (G: Sean Lee of BoK)
What are you thinking about these days? What are your concerns?
A time where we sympathize with you and comfort each other with songs.
Song Bless You!
Wed : Request Day
All the music you want to listen to!
Request your favorite songs, we'll play it for you!
Tell us why you want to listen to the song and what special memory you have behind it!

Wed : Music Stage
Listen to the amazing high class live performances of indie groups and talk about their music together.
Thu : Talk Talk Talk K-Culture (With Zee . From ADOY)
The sweet Zee introduces the hottest K-POP star and K-Culture!
And you ALSO get to see Zee's DJing and listen to some awesome K-POP!
Fri : Better than Honey G? (With Honey G)
Every Friday, we're joined by the always-fun Honey G members,
answering K-Pop quizzes today and taking a closer look at K-Pop song lyrics!
Weekend Corners
Sat&Sun : Music & Lyrics
Do you want to know more about K-Pop?
We will focus on K-Pop lyrics and explain the meaning of the songs.
Sat&Sun : Weekly New Tracks
We pick only the hottest new tracks of the week and play them for you!
A time to check out the latest songs in K-Pop!
Sat : Charts Form The Past
It's time to go back in time with K-pop.
5 years, 10 years ago..what were the hit K-pop songs then?
We'll introduce the charts from the past and listen to timeless songs together.
Sun : Look Back Sunday
A time to look back on the fun interviews with the kpop stars that visited Super K-Pop