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Welcome to Wonders of Jeju!
Wonders of Jeju airs from 10 pm till midnight Monday to Sunday, joining you every night. Wonders of Jeju brings you information all about the island. If you want to feel the wind and the sea from Jeju, you have to stay tuned; our program will bring you not only the atmosphere from Jeju, but also help relieve your fatigue from ordinary life. If you want to visit Jeju or if you are residing in there now, this program is a must-listen radio program every night.
Join us every night from 10 pm till midnight!
Daily Corners
Halla Happenings
Various stories and news happening in Jeju
Music Curator
Taking song requests based on a daily theme
When a time or situation arises, we play these kinds of songs for you.
Weekly Corners
[Jeju Treasure Hunter] (Reporter: Johnny)
Journey to find the past of Jeju
Time to learn about treasures, tangible and intangible heritages easily.
[Jeju Fact Checker] (Reporter: Angel KIM)
Check A to Z about Jeju with various items
Quiz corner to find out what is NOT true about Jeju
[Bus stop stories] (Reporter: Ashley)
Travelling all the corners of Jeju by bus
We let you know how to travel Jeju conveniently, cheaply and a bit slowly
[Islander's Dinner table] (Reporter: HeeMang)
Introducing ingredients widely used by Jeju people and checking out famous restaurants
[Jeju language, Freshman class] (Reporter: Lindsey)
I can speak Jeju language! Let's support DJ Joe to learn Jeju language.
Listening and speaking in authentic Jeju language
Saturday Part Ⅰ
[Turn back tunes]
Throwing back to those days with songs we loved back then
Saturday Part Part Ⅱ
[One day class]
Various activities we can do in Jeju  
Sunday Part Ⅰ
[Along with the gods of Jeju]
Learning Jeju mythology, tales and legend with DJ Joe wearing many hats
Sunday Part Ⅱ
[Every day festival in Jeju]
Checking various events and festivals held in an island of culture and art