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Welcome to Wonders of Jeju!
Wonders of Jeju airs from 10 pm till midnight Monday to Sunday, joining you every night. Wonders of Jeju brings you information all about the island. If you want to feel the wind and the sea from Jeju, you have to stay tuned; our program will bring you not only the atmosphere from Jeju, but also help relieve your fatigue from ordinary life. If you want to visit Jeju or if you are residing in there now, this program is a must-listen radio program every night.
Join us every night from 10 pm till midnight!
Every day corner
Triple Set challenge
Play 3 songs based on the topic and let listeners guess the theme of the day.
Halla Happenings
Current issues and news of Jeju. We’ll get to the heart of what you need to know
Each day corner
Mon : Seaside Settlers (Johnny)
we give you informative living tips for foreigners and tell you about how Johnny enjoys living in Jeju too.
Tue: Destination: Jeju (Angel)
If you are planning to travel in Jeju ask anything about schedule, accommodation, travel course, and famous restaurants.
Ex) we introduce various travel courses including one-day, two nights and three days,… a week and a month travel!
Wed: Island Connection (Ashely)
Various events held in this week including festivals, events, and flea market in Jeju where you love so much.
Thu: Spirit of Traveler (Skylar)
Checking fun spots with various experiences! We tell you vivid travel stories satisfying your eyes and ears!
Fri: Jeju Language freshman class season 2. (Lindsey)
We continue learning Jeju language until we can talk with Native Jeju People!
SAT : Now Jeju
▶ 1st, 3rd week
Introducing Jeju Olle (Ben)
▶ 2nd week
Jeju Tour 10 recommendations you shouldn’t miss in every month (Yoo Jeong-eun)
▶ 4th week
Jeju’s Keyword and Issue (Jeju Provincial Office / Lee Hwan-Joon)
▶ 1 hour : the Islander’s Almanac – Jeju The encyclopedia for those who want to know more about Jeju, we help you to realize that ‘What you know is what you see’.
▶ 2 hour : Songs of Nature
introducing various forests and seas in Jeju and listen to music well matching with them.
Weekly corner
Once upon a jeju
A brief story about 18,000 gods in Jeju (a story per week)
Monthly corner
Wonders of Jeju Campaign
Making various campaigns to promote beautiful Jeju (a campaign per month)