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Wanna know more about K-Pop? Then SOUND K is the answer to your prayers!
We keep you informed on the latest K-Pop tunes, ranging from hiphop to R&B and other genres!
Daily Corners (Mon ~ Fri)
Hello! Hi!
Let me know you came, by commenting, "I'm here~" on the message board!
Quiz! Quiz! Quiz!
How interested are you in K-POP?
You can learn more about K-POP through quizzes about them!
Listeners will be able to solve music related quizzes in a more interesting way, as there are new kind of question formats, like using various sound effects.
Code Name: Ashley
Every night! 'Ashley' shares her playlist!
The time when you listen to the songs, selected by the DJ!
More songs will be added to the playlist, everyday!
What's Hot Today
What happened in the K-pop world today?
K-pop music, movies, dramas, musicals, culture, etc!
We share with you the hottest news of the Korean wave in the most precise and fast way!
Weekend Corners (Sat, Sun)
Quiz! Quiz! Quiz!
How interested are you in K-POP?
You can learn more about K-POP through quizzes about them!
Lyrical connoisseur
You can become a true K-POP expert!
K-POP will be better if you learn about them.
The more you know, the more you can listen!
Ashley introduces the songs with great lyrics as attractive as the melody!
Weekly Corners
Mon/Thurs : You, Who Came From The Star
Star of the stars, K-pop stars come to Sound K.Join us for a lovely time with them and their live music performances!
Tues : No Name (G: Key/Leah)
Music is a must! There is also acting!
And comfort and healing for bonus!
The fun talk show where you can listen to stories, even more dramatic than movies!
Wed : Song Express (G: Iris)
Selection of music, one after the other!
Even when they listen to the same word, they think of different things.
You will be able to see the various skills on selecting music based on song, singer, lyrics, etc.
Fri : Drop The Beat (G: Tommy Strate)
The corner where DJ Ashley learns the A to Z of rap from the hip hop musician Tommy!
Her challenge doesn't end, until she becomes a rapper!
Sat : M TO M (Music to Music) (G. Nick & Sammy)
Same guest, different topics!
This corner is a chameleon-like corner, with different items every week like music, artist, culture, etc.
The attractive and handsome duo Nick&Sammy shares the stories of music and music videos!
Sun : My Playlist
The time when the listeners become the DJ! Share your playlists with us~Choose the topics, given every month, and create your own playlist!