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Join us every day, for a global radio show, that takes you beyond the world of K-pop and deeper into Korean culture.
Daily Corners
◆ Weekly Segments (Monday-Friday)
▷ Korea 101
A segment all about traditional Korean culture and history, made easy for you!
The basics of Korean history, fables and legends and traditional culture...! 101 and more!
▷Hot Tracks
A segment about the latest hot tracks in K-POP!
▷ Song For You
A segment made for listeners with song requests to celebrate a special day or someone special.
▷ Today's Life Hacks (Monday-Thursday)
A segment where you can find out the simplest, yet most useful life hacks and other random but useful information.
▷Jeju Story (Friday / A phone call with Island Boy Yoon Johnny)
Reporter and Island Boy Johnny reports live from Jejudo Island, telling us about the weekly happenings on the island.
He tells us more about fun things to do in Jeju, delicious things to eat, and fun things to do!
◆ Weekend Segments (Saturday)
▷ 4Minute' Drama
A segment where we talk about the oldie but goodie K-Dramas that were popular in the past! A blast to the past!
We walk you through the dramas in just 4 minutes, also talking about the drama soundtracks as well~
▷You've got mail
If you have any stories you’ve been keeping to yourself, send them to our letterbox!
We’ll read your stories for you.

▷Paul's Pick 

A time for Paul to introduce and recommend his favorite Korean movies.

◆ Weekend Segments (Sunday)
▷ Hot Hot Spot
A segment where we talk about the latest local festivals and other Korea travel news around the country.
▷Fun Psychology Test
CTW's most popular segment! A segment where you get to take a fun psychology or personality test and get to know more about yourself!
Weekly Corners
[Monday] Two Men One Culture (G : Belyakov Ilya (Russia))
Why is Korea (   )? A segment where we take a look at Korean culture through the eyes of two foreigners living in Korea~
We ask some questions and answer about misperceptions and get to know more about the different aspects of Korean culture to better understand it, along with cultures all around the world.
Also, get some tips and advice from two foreigners living in Korea about living and adjusting to Korean life.
[Tuesday] Undercover korea (G : Sara Holmes)
We will introduce Korean hot trends, foods, and daily living tips in Kore, all picked by Sara Holmes herself!
[Wednesday] GoGo! Korean Trippin' (G : Soyeon Kim)
A segment for us to learn about the beautiful hidden spots in Korea, and also learn Korean while we're at it!
Paul and Soyeon introduce travel destinations according to themes suggested by listeners!
If their choices don't get picked by the listeners, one of them gets a punishment..!
We'll take a look at photos of the destinations we introduce during the live show, getting a feel for these travel spots~
And after we travel through these destinations, we'll also do a little skit to learn some useful Korean expressions.

[Thursday] Link Think Big Data! (G: Na kyung Park)
A segment to learn about the latest trends of K-Culture through big data!
An in-depth look at the biggest keywords trending through big data, divided into different themes and topics every week.
With the data we analyze and a special ranking corner, we'll get a deeper look at K-Culture.
[Friday]Show Me The Drama! (G : Gina Maeng)
A segment where we take a closer look at Korean dramas, the center of the K-Wave!!
We dive deep into the plot and story lines of these dramas and even the behind-the-scenes stories about the dramas and related rankings~!
And we even put on a little skit of the main scenes of the drama!
[Saturday]Section K-culture (Entertainment / Culture + Sports / Star story)
A look at the top headlines in Korean entertainment, culture and sports news!
And a time for Paul to introduce the hottest celebrity of the week and tell you about them from their biograpy to reasons why they are in the spot light now.
[Sunday] Music Lounge
A segment for listeners to listen to the music they want to on a nice, relaxing Sunday!
Send us your favorite quotes, movie or drama quotes, or even K-Pop song lyrics,
and we'll introduce it and pick 3 songs that go along with the quotes you send in!!