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All the latest pop music and fun with Benji!
Let's all fall into Benji's charms, everyday from 2 to 4 p.m.
We are all one, we are Music Access family!
Daily Corners
# M.A Chart Flashback
We play foreign pop songs from 1990 to 2010 which are still good to listen to.
# M.A Fun Fun Quiz
It is quiz time. We give you questions about Korean culture trending right now, issues and kpop stars.
Weekly Corners
Monday : # Monday Busking (Guest: Ben Akers)
We talk about ordinary lives with Ben Akers.
And he shows a special live performance.
Tuesday : # # MMWV(Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) (Guest: Jane, Sihyun)
We talk about the difference between men and women, Music Access family's love and dating.
Wednesday: # Your Choice A or B
We choose one among two different yet concerning situation. It all depends on your taste!
Thursday : # Story & Music (Guest: Tia)
We introduce news on hollywood and kpop stars or weekly issues. And we choose songs that go well with the interesting news.
Friday : # Friday Weekly Chart (Guest: (게스트: Han Heejun)
We introduce Top 5 rankings on stories of Kpop stars and listeners guess what ranked No.1.
Weekend Corners
Saturday : # Pops by Stars
We listen to pop songs recommended by kpop stars.
Saturday : # Scribble Scribble
We introduce Music Access family's messages.
Sunday :# M.A World News
We don't need to know them, but there are so many interesting stories in the world. We introduce various yet trivial stories in the world.
Sunday :# Scribble Scribble
We introduce Music Access family's messages.