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arirang Hotbeat‘s first hour segment ‘Ssup’ 2019-02-26 286

How you can participate in Hotbeat‘s first hour segment ‘Ssup’.

It’s the segment introduced in the very first hour every Monday to Friday. 

This is how you can participate in Ssup.

At the same time each day, DJ Lex will ask you the same question.

Just like how a (boy)friend would call and ask how you’re doing multiple times throughout the day~

“Where are you? How are you doing? What are you up to? 

Who are you with? Where are you going? Did you think of what to eat?”

DJ Lex asks and you just need to tell him the answer~

You don’t always have to answer his questions exactly. 

You can just casually talk about your day.

Something that happened that day

Someone you met

A thought that came to mind

What you ate and etc.

DJ Lex is waiting for your replies still today and calls out Ssup~

You will send in your replies, right? :)

You can write your message with ‘Ssup’ as the title and post it on the Send Message Board 

or send us a direct message on our Hotbeat Instagram @hotbeat0409.

We’ll be looking forward to a lot of your participation!

No, Title, Date, hit 등의 정보를 제공하는 Announcement list
No Title Date Hit
17 Hotbeat‘s first hour segment ‘Ssup’ 2019-02-26 286
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