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taste K-culture Catch the Wave everyday 6:00~8:00 pm


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arirang 9/15 ♥ 추석특집! BerryGood & Road Boyz ♥ 2016-09-13 2745

We look alike, We speak alike, But, they’re from a different planet!

every Thursday, and on Sep 15th will have the talented

BerryGood & Road Boyz in our studio with DJ eSNa!

Our You, Who came from the Star is a segment where we put more emphasis on

the stars' lives as well as their live performances.

So! Be sure to tune in on Sep 15th and learn all there's to know

about this talented group!!

*** Please send us your questions and messages for our guests as separate posts on our message board, instead of replying to our announcement post! We only read messages sent to us as new posts. ***

No, Title, Date, hit 등의 정보를 제공하는 Announcement list
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474 Special Notice for Idol battle held on Chuseok 2018-08-21 1666
473 12/10 (Monday) ♥ Killagramz ♥ 2017-06-01 1450
472 12/13(Thursday) ♥ Nature ♥ 2017-06-01 1134
471 SOUND K_ ON AIR 2018-05-10 1343
470 ★ 18.01.01~ Sound K winner information ★ 2018-01-05 5137
469 SK_Quiz_Answer & Quiz_Winner[Aug] 2017-06-01 31828
468 Tuesday's corner “Key Says, Ashley Says!” 2017-06-01 2460
467 Wednesday's corner “Song Express” 2018-07-25 2650
466 Friday's corner “Drop The Beat 2017-06-01 2579
465 Sunday's corner “My Playlist” 2017-06-01 3385