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taste K-culture Catch the Wave everyday 6:00~8:00 pm


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arirang [K-POPPIN' PRIZE] We offer you a prize~! 2019-03-11 262

# We offer you a prize~!! #

Please send your stories to K-poppin!

If you send your stories to K-poppin's various corners, we'll send you a special gifts including Korean textbooks, K-pop autograph CDs, K-pop star Goods, and K-pop star Polaroid photos.

1. Monday -Mic impact~~!!

All small spoken people stand in line!

Everything you want to say shall be said!

MRSHLL joins us to step in for you!

Send in your stories~!

For example,

One. "I wanted to change my look like the K-pop star 'Sulli'!

Sulli's hippie perm looked so pretty.

later ...In the mirror, Hagrid was sitting ...

What should I do?"

You can tell us any stories! Please send us your story our send message board~!!

2. SundaySunday Mixtape

Every situation needs music!

If your stuck in traffic.. hungry and nothing to eat..

When you meet the love of your life...

Anything that we experience in everyday life!

Share yours with Kpoppin to make the ultimate 'Sunday Mixtape.'

We will be batteling out song requests with me, DJ이삭and you the listeners!!!

for example,

<Songs about the Beginning>

: New semester, first job, first exercise, first lesson, and so on!

Let's pick the song you want to hear when you start.

songs : Girls' Generation소녀시대'다시 만난 세계(Into The New World),

하이라이트(Highlight) -시작(The Beginning)

3. Scene drop

Please send me a funny story to tell me alone in your daily life. I'm going to decorate it with fun and make it a funny sketch!

To send the story, please Arirang Radio page send message board

or Download Arirang Radio application and send it to SEND MESSAGE!

No, Title, Date, hit 등의 정보를 제공하는 Announcement list
No Title Date Hit
1590 [K-POPPIN' PRIZE] We offer you a prize~! 2019-03-11 262
1589 [Friday-TMA]Let’s make love less complicat withTMA 2019-03-08 164
1588 [Thursday-Pawsday]Send us your question about pets 2019-03-08 91
1587 [SUNDAY - MIXTAPE] Next week thema (March 31th) 2019-03-20 145
1586 [1 PUNCH LINE]Today's 1 Punch line~~!!(March 22th) 2019-03-22 105
1585 [Tuesday - Beauty Play] How to get beauty tips? 2019-03-08 100
1584 [Monday - Mic Impact] SEND IN YOUR STORIES~~~!! 2019-03-08 122
1583 [Wednesday - Insider] NEXT WEEK GUEST!(March 27th) 2019-03-21 267
1582 03.25 WINNER 2018-03-25 1682
1581 03.23 WINNER 2018-03-23 1916