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한반도에 남겨진 우리의 유산을 찾아
Timepriceless - World Heritage in Korea

유네스코 세계유산 등재로 전 세계 모두의 유산이 된 한국의 유산을 살펴보고 유산이 품은 가치를 통해 과거와 현재를 뛰어넘어 미래를 내다본다.

The most beautiful palace loved by Joseon, Changdeokgung

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In search of timeless and priceless heritage in Korea, Timepriceless - World Heritage in Korea
Changdeokgung Palace

The five royal palaces of Hanyang, the capital of Joseon
The one that served as a royal residence for the longest time

The most Korean of the five palaces and the only one registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The most beautiful palace loved by Joseon, Changdeokgung

1395. The first palace in the 500-year history of Joseon was built, Gyeongbokgung
Ten years later, the "second palace" Changdeokgung was established.

But Changdeokgung functioned as the chief palace for some 520 years. What were the reasons?

Changdeokgung was initially built for the recreation of Kings.

Unlike Gyeongbokgung that was built in symmetry on flat land,
Changdeokgung is snuggled in nature, and to this day, it has best retained its original shape among the five palaces.

Reflecting the characteristics of traditional garden-style design, about 60% of the palace was used as a garden, not artificially made but naturally created by a nearby mountain.
The kings became one with nature against this beautiful backdrop and put their weary minds at ease.

But the garden was not simply a site for recreation.
To experience the lives of the common people, kings tried farming for themselves and tirelessly worked for the people even while resting.

Joseon's wise kings hoped to be the bright moon for the nation
Changdeokgung Palace is beautiful under the moonlight that shines with royal dignity.

The moonlight that has been shining on Changdeokgung for centuries seems to carry the unchanging energy of our ancestors.

Glowing as brightly as the moon, Changdeokgung Palace