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Timeless and priceless heritage in Korea, Timepriceless - World Heritage in Korea

Take a close look at the Korean heritages that have become UNESCO-registered world treasures and discover the past, present, and future in the values they hold.

World Heritage in Korea Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty

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The god's garden on Earth, Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty Joseon's 27th King and Queen rest in the capital Hanyang
The 42 royal tombs have been perfectly preserved till todayJoseon's royal tombs are like a humble, well-maintained garden that blends in with nature. When a king passed away, the best scholars in the nation would determine his grave site based on geomancy.
The tomb was built without artificial adornment, but in a modest, neat design. Away from the secular world and past Geumcheon-gyo and Hongsalmun, the holy path leads to the royal tomb.

At the end stands Jeongjagak where the memorial rites were conducted, and behind it, the actual tomb guarded by stone monuments that chase away evil spirit and console the dead.
A holy space in the secular world.
The royal tombs of Joseon, lying on the boundary of life, death, and eternity, were not simply tombs of the deceased kings, but a place where the living and the dead met.

Not only have they been preserved perfectly for 600 years, but the memorial rites from then are still practiced today.

The royal tombs of the Joseon dynasty are the ultimate icons of Joseon history and culture that have continued to today.
An eternal resting place, the Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty