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Timeless and priceless heritage in Korea, Timepriceless - World Heritage in Korea

Take a close look at the Korean heritages that have become UNESCO-registered world treasures and discover the past, present, and future in the values they hold.

The Land of the Buddha, Gyeongju

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"Opposite Qansu on the edge of China is the Silla Kingdom. Muslims visiting Silla stay there permanently, enchanted by the environment and the bountiful gold."

845, Book of Roads and Kingdoms
Ibn Khordadbeh, Persian geographer Silla, the Utopia of the East coveted by the ancient people What was the secret to the flourishing millennium of the Silla Kingdom?
The land of the Buddha, Gyeongju 57 BC, a small kingdom on the edge of the peninsulaAlthough it was the last of the three kingdoms to accept Buddhism, Silla unified its philosophy and ideology through Buddhism and formed the first Unified Kingdom on the peninsula. Bulguksa Temple, the Buddha's world built on Earth

The bridge symbolizes the way to this world, and the temple stands as a witness to the aesthetics and advanced technology of Silla. The world's only artificial cave temple constructed of hard granite, Seokguram Grotto is the quintessence of the power of science that Silla possessed."There are as many temples as the stars in the sky, as many pagodas as wild geese."

1281, Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms
More than a religion, Buddhism was the spirit of a kingdom
The drumbeats from the East that reach the worldA priceless heritage of humanity, Gyeongju