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Today's special guest is Byung-hun, who is starting anew as an actor and not as singer L.Joe. He is very active on stage in plays and musicals, and now, he is taking on a principle role in the new musical "Secretly Greatly" and will show a new side of himself which is different from the silver screen production. Wait no longer, everyone! Let's now meet Byung-hun and hear more about his new work~

배우 병헌
오늘의 주인공은, 이제 가수 엘조가 아닌, 배우로!! 연극, 뮤지컬 등 여전히 무대 위에서 멋진 활약을 펼치고 있는 배우 병헌입니다! 뮤지컬 '은밀하게 위대하게'를 통해 영화와는 다른 새로운 매력으로 우리 곁을 찾아왔는데요~ 함께 만나보시죠~