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Ladies and gentlemen! You're in luck as today's guest on Exclusive Date is actor Namkoong Min, who sent chills down everyone's spines as 'Nam Gyu-Man ,' the malicious antagonist in the hit drama "Remember - War of the Son." He recently shot straight to the top once again through the hit drama "Good Manager," where he delighted everyone with his upbeat and refreshing qualities! Let's now enjoy a fun date with Namkoong Min!

오늘의 주인공! '리멤버'의 강렬했던 악역 '남규만'에서, 유쾌, 상쾌, 통쾌한 '김과장'으로 다시 익스클루시브 데이트를 찾아온 배우, 남궁민! 두 번째 출연! 재미는 두 배! 매력은 무한대~ 남궁민과의 데이트를 함께 만나보시죠~