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Joo Won
Today's special guest is someone who we are glued to all the time! It's the handsome and dashing actor Joo Won! We won't be able to see him for 2 years as he will soon enlist into the army for his mandatory military service, but we can see him on the small screen through the new drama "My Sassy Girl." Wait no longer, everyone! Let's enjoy a honest and fun date with Joo Won!

오늘의 주인공은, 가까이에서 보고 싶고, 자꾸만 보고 싶은 매력적인 배우 주원입니다! 군입대로 인해 앞으로 2년 간 그를 볼 순 없지만! 드라마 '엽기적인 그녀'로안방극장에서 계속 만날 수 있다고 하는데요~ 입대 전, 주원과의 솔직유쾌한 익스클루시브 데이트! 함께 만나보시죠~