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Today's guest is someone who many had been curious about! It's Han Seon-hwa who dropped many jaws as a member of the girl group SECRET but is now catching people's eyes as an actress! She is back on the small screen through the new TV drama "School 2017" and is starting the second chapter of her career. Let's find out more about this pretty lady and her new work on Exclusive Date!

배우 한선화
오늘의 주인공은, 드라마 '학교2017'를 통해 더욱 매력적인 모습으로 돌아온 배우 한선화 입니다! 가수가 아닌 배우로서 제2의 도약을 멋지게 해내고 있는 그녀와의 데이트! 지금 시작합니다!