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Welcome to Exclusive Date! Today's guest is actor Yeo Jin-goo, who turns heads with his low-toned, attractive voice and dashing looks. He is back on the small screen through the new TV drama "Reunited Worlds" and is ready to tackle on a unique role through which he will show a new side of himself. Get ready to swoon over Yeo Jin-goo on Exclusive Date!

배우 여진구
오늘의 주인공은, 보고만 있어도 미소가 절로 나오는 배우 여진구입니다~ 드라마 '다시 만난 세계'로 여름과 딱 어울리는 청량하고 싱그러운 에너지를 가득 보여줄 예정인데요~ 그럼 여진구의 매력적인 목소리를 함께 들으러 가볼까요~~?