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지구촌을 하나로 이어주는 K-wave Road를 따라
세계인들의 삶 속 한국의 열정과 문화의 향기를 느껴본다.
이미 그들의 생활 속 깊숙이 자리 잡은
한국 문화이야기를 들어보며
아시아를 넘어 세계인들의 심장을 뛰게 한
다양한 한국문화의 힘을 확인한다.

U.S.A. (New York) (S2)

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Neil Landreville visted Korea as a peace volunteer in the 1970s.
He still remembers the four seasons of Korea, the motherly landlord who looked after him, and the little children he played with in the neighborhood.
He started doing ink-and-wash painting of Korea to remember and treasure the warm memories he made there.
We listen to his happy story as he paints his fond memories of Korea.