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BTS send message of hope through new album 'BE',... amendment allows BTS to postpone military service Updated: 2020-11-20 17:35:59 KST

International K-pop sensations BTS dropped their latest album, 'BE' on Friday at 2 p.m. local time.
The album deals with a topic that fans from all around the world can relate to, as each song talks about enduring the challenging times of the pandemic.

"One day the world stopped. Without warning. Spring didn't know how to wait. Showed up not even a minute late,"

Within just four hours of the albums' release, the music video of the album's title track, 'Life goes on', has already hit 20 million views.
The album BE distinguishes itself from the group's other albums in that the members themselves were very hands-on with writing and producing all of the eight songs on the tracklist.
BTS member Jungkook even directed the music video for the title track.
The message the members are trying to impart from their songs is very clear.

"We wanted to offer comfort through our song. On this track, we tried to use the warm colors of BTS to paint the trite but also timeless truth that 'despite everything, life goes on.'"

During the press conference on Thursday, where BTS answered questions about their new album, they also talked about their upcoming and inevitable military service.

"I think military service is a matter-of-course. And like I've said each time, I am willing to accept whenever the country calls for me."

But for BTS members, that call will come a little later than everyone else.
Because on the same day, the National Defense Commission approved a revision to the Military Service Act, which allows those who have greatly contributed to pop culture and arts and those who have significantly enhanced the nation's prestige to postpone their mandatory military service.
So each of the BTS members can put off their military conscription until they are 30.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News
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