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Seoul nightlife revives after easing of social distancing Updated: 2020-10-16 17:10:44 KST

It's now the first Friday night since South Korea relaxed some coronavirus restrictions to the lowest in the three-tiered system.
After two-months of closure, bars and clubs are open again, people here in the country are back venturing nightlife.
Our Choi Jeong-yoon is out in Seoul's Hongdae district known for its upbeat nightlife, shopping, and hip cafes.
Jeong-yoon, is the hustle and bustle back at Hongdae?

Hi, Conn-young, a lot of people have come out to enjoy the first Friday since social distancing went back to level one.
After the sun went down, the lights have come on all over the place, and restaurants and bars calling customers into their shops.
This is quite different from the last two months when the streets were relatively quiet.
But with the distancing level eased Monday, the streets are now filled with music, friends and couples gathering for a drink.
Singing rooms, pubs, clubs and bars are allowed to open, though, some are still closed getting ready to do business again.
It's a relief to these business owners who can finally make a living again, and to people getting some fresh air.
Take a listen.

"I'm still worried that social distancing could be tightened at any time, but for now, I'm very relieved that we are back in business. I'm getting paid again and I have customers."

"I turned twenty this year, but I couldn't celebrate because of COVID-19. With social distancing eased now, I'm excited to meet up with some friends and finally get rid of some of the stress I've had by going to a singing room."

So, some of these so-called high-risk facilities are back to business, but there are still restrictions in place. What are they?

That's right, Conn-young.
You have to have your temperature checked, and like other public places, sign the visitors' log or scan the QR code.
Employees have to wear face masks at all times, and continue disinfecting and ventilating the place.
Customers should also wear masks indoors except when eating or singing, and tables have to be at least a meter apart.
Now, there are bars and clubs where the waiters introduce people who are looking for dates.
These places will only be allowed to take in a limited number of customers.
The health authorities are advising people to make extra sure they follow the guidelines so that the virus doesn't spread and we have to return to level two.
Back to you, Conn-young.

Our Choi Jeong-yoon out at Seoul's bustling Hongdae neighborhood on this first Friday night under level one distancing. Thanks, Jeongyoon.
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