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Heavy rain in central regions, avoid additional damage Updated: 2022-08-09 12:34:09 KST

And now for more on what lies ahead with regard to the torrential downpour.
I turn to our weather forecaster Choi Ji-ahn who is standing by at the weather center.
Ji-ahn what can you tell us?

Hi Sunny Unfortunately, dire weather conditions are not getting any better Unprecedented rain in Seoul, led to power outages, road closures and major travel disruptions The rain has temporarily weakened, but is still falling on and off.. But don't get too settled as Seoul , Gyeonggido, Gangwondo, and even parts of Chungcheongdo provinces are all under heavy rain alerts

The bulk of the heavy rain, up to 350mm, will be pounding down in and around the Seoul metropolitan area and inland Gangwondo province until Thursday And 300mm is expected for northern parts of Chungcheongdo and Gyeongsangbukdo provinces be careful of landslides and flash flooding, as they can occur suddenly without warning.. And get ready to evacuate immediately, if necessary Let's hope there's no more damage, and keep yourself alert wherever you are

That's all for me for now. Back to you Sunny
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