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Heavy rain pounds S. Korea; rainfall to persist for several days Updated: 2022-08-08 16:52:53 KST

Good evening.
We start here in the capital region which has been pounded by heavy rain all day.
The country's Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters is operating a "level 1" warning to prevent damage caused by the downpours as heavy rain alerts have been issued in affected areas.
For more on how the situation looks, we connect live to our Song Yoo-jin.
Yoo-jin, tell us where you are and how's it looking there.

Good evening Mok-yeon, I'm out here in Yeouido Hangang Park located in the Yeongdeungpo-gu district of western Seoul.
This district has been receiving the most amount of rainfall in the capital today, of around 67 milmeters.
Rain had stopped for a couple of hours but it started again about an hour ago (and as you can see it's pretty heavy.)
Just like here, the central part of the country has been experiencing heavy rain, around 50 to one-hundred-80 milimeters today alone.
In response, the Korea Meteorological Administration has announced heavy rain warnings for Seoul, most parts of the surrounding Gyeonggi-do Province, the city of Incheon, and Cheorwon of Gangwon-do Province.
A heavy rain warning is issued when 3-hour rainfall is expected to surpass 90 milimeters or 12 hour rainfall goes over 180 milimeters.
Simply put, under such weather, it's even hard for people to even see what's in front of them.
And there's been a lot of damage reported as a result of the rain, mainly in Incheon, located in the northwest of the country, which received around 80 to almost 1-hundred-20 milimeters of rain.
Roads, underpasses, and even buildings have been flooded, but fortunately, local authorities say no casualties have been reported so far.

Then Yoo-jin, what's causing this rainfall and how long will such conditions persist?

Well Mok-yeon, all of this heavy rain is due to what's called a "stationary front."
A stationary front created when warm and cold air push against each other, but neither are powerful enough to move the other, resulting in showers.
The KMA predicts heavy rainfall will continue for the central part of the country until Wednesday or even up to Thursday.
During this time, about one-hundred to 2-hundred-50 milimeters of rain is expected, but western parts of the Gyeonggi-do Province and Gangwon-do Province could see up to 3-hundred-50 milimeters.
And to minimize any further damage, authorities are advising people to stay away from streams and rivers that are prone to flooding.
They should refrain from visiting mountainous regions that are vulnerable to landslides.
Also, those who are going outside should use public transportation rather than driving.
That's all I have for now, back to you Mok-yeon.

Well, let's hope the heavy rain stops in time for the upcoming long weekend.
That was our Song Yoo-jin connecting live from Yeouido Hangang Park.
Thank you.
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