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COVID-19 medical capacity reaches its limit: Dr. Alice Tan Updated: 2021-12-07 17:03:48 KST

The greater Seoul area's medical response capacity has reached its limit.
With the daily tally increasing… the government re-imposed stricter virus-related restrictions.
To delve deeper into the developments we have our go-to medical expert, Dr. Alice Tan standing by.
Dr. Tan, thanks for joining us.

The first confirmed Omicron variant cases in Seoul.
Three foreign students attending universities in the capital.
Nationwide, the number of omicron cases rose by 12 to 36.
Do we have any updates regarding this more contagious variant?

The death toll hovers near 4-thousand.
Most were over 60, but one was under 10 years old.
A concerning development since that age group is yet to be vaccinated.

"Vaccine passes" will be required from students aged 12-18.
Some see it as a compulsory measure.
But there are criticisms and oppositions to that move.

The infection reproductive ratio remains over 1.1.
What does it tell us?

The number of critically-ill COVID-19 patients hit a record high, making things even more challenging for medical workers.
What should countries do to prevent further spread?

Dr. Alice Tan.
We'll have to let you go for now.
Thank you so much for your insights.
We appreciate it.
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