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Indonesia's Mount Semeru smoulders after violent eruption Updated: 2021-12-06 08:17:50 KST

At least 14 people are dead, and over a hundred others injured, after Mount Semeru, a volcano located in Indonesia's East Java province erupted on Saturday.
According to the country's National Board for Disaster Management on Sunday, the eruption left dozens in a serious condition, after it covered villages with ash and left people running from billowing clouds of debris.
Five of the victims have yet to be identified, while nine others are reported missing.
Some 13-hundred people have been displaced by the eruption, as hundreds of houses have been completely destroyed, with 33 schools damaged, as well.
Officials say the situation in the region remains dangerous, as pyroclastic flows, a mix of ash, rock and volcanic gases can be much more dangerous than lava.
Authorities fear there could be more casualties, as a number of miners working near the site of the eruption have yet to be found.
Standing at more than 3,650 meters high, Mount Semeru is the tallest mountain on Java.
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