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STUDIO TALK ONE Updated: 2021-11-29 10:52:35 KST

Now that's the name of the LATEST VARIANT of CONCERN according to the World Health Organization AND so far it has been REPORTED in at least 13 countries.
There have been NO REPORTED cases in Korea BUT authorities are on HIGH ALERT AS they are ALREADY battling a RESURGENCE in infections AMID the country's EXIT STRATEGY from the pandemic.
I have Professor Kim Moon-kyu from Yonsei University.
Welcome back Professor Kim.
I also have Doctor Kim Seung-taek from Institut Pasteur Korea.
It's good to see you again Doctor Kim.

1) Doctor Kim we're entering WEEK FIVE of our EXIT STRATEGY and the daily tally has been hovering on OR slightly below the 4-thousand mark WHILE the number of severe cases stands on the (( )) level.
How do you assess Korea's current COVID-19 situation?

2) And Professor Kim what can you tell us about the medical capacity at your hospital?

2-2) What do you propose to better tackle the challenges faced on the treatment front?

3) Doctor Kim countermeasures to respond to the latest rebound are being shared on this Monday including plans to limit the validity of vaccine passes and to expand their requirement among teenagers.
What are your thoughts?

4) Professor Kim what are your thoughts on imposing a circuit breaker?
EFFORTS to FIGHT a RESURGENCE in COVID-19 cases are also taking place over in South Africa WHERE researchers recently IDENTIFIED a HEAVILY-MUTATED VARIANT that is currently fueling much global anxiety.
For more I have Doctor Richard LESSELLS at the University of KwaZulu-Natal LIVE on the LINE.
Doctor Lessells it's a pleasure to see you again.

5) Let's begin with a few words on the REBOUND in COVID-19 infections in South Africa in recent days that some observers are LINKING to the NEWLY-IDENTIFIED variant OMICRON.

6) And Doctor Kim the global health body has declared OMICRON a variant of CONCERN.
Do tell us a bit about the background behind this declaration.

7) Doctor Lessells I understand studies are underway but based on what you know thus far what can you share with us about OMICRON and the RISKS it POSES?

8) Professor Kim while it has yet to be verified there are concerns that OMICRON may RENDER our current vaccines INEFFECTIVE.
What are your thoughts?

9) Doctor Kim vaccine makers including Pfizer and Moderna claim protection against OMICRON can be available early next year.
What are your thoughts?

10) Doctor Lessells what efforts are being made by authorities in South Africa to COUNTER OMICRON?

11) Professor Kim Korea has imposed travel bans on 8 southern African countries in light of the latest situation.
I do not believe a similar scenario took place during the spread of the Delta variant.
What are your thoughts?

11-2) What other measures do you suggest to contain the potential spread of OMICRON on the local front?

12) Doctor Lessells some pundits say OMICRON is a RESULT of the UNEQUAL GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION of COVID-19 vaccines.
How do you respond?

12-2) What do you propose to ensure a more equal access to COVID-19 vaccines?

13) Doctor Kim there has been a TANGIBLE DROP in PUBLIC VIGILANCE amid efforts to transition OUT of the pandemic.
What can be done to REVERSE this TREND especially GIVEN the possible challenges in light of OMICRON?

14) And Professor Kim what do you suggest to boost PUBLIC VIGILANCE?

All right
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