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Comfortable weather conditions nationwide.. bad air quaility in west central regions Updated: 2021-11-29 07:10:52 KST

Hello I’m Kelly Park filling in for Lee Ji Hyeon.
Today we will be expecting partial to overcast skies across the nation with no significant cold showing comfortable temperatures mostly above the freezing point.

Stagnant air conditions over in the West Central Regions, will boost ultra fine dust levels to “bad” in the area. While, an extreme dry weather advisory is still in affect along the East Coastal Regions. So be careful with anything that can cause a fire.

Daytime highs will mostly linger in the teens
As Seoul hits 12, Daegu, 15 and Gwangju 16 degrees Celsius, showing warm temperatures. But do remember the drastic temperature gap between day and night.

The weather will be pretty much unstable for this week
As rain or snow is forecast nationwide for tomorrow.

With that, Let’s take a look at the weather conditions around the world.

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