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COVID-19 restriction controversy in S. Korea: Analysis Updated: 2021-11-26 17:06:06 KST

With thousands of new COVID-19 cases reported every day here in South Korea, health authorities are recommending people get booster shots.
They are also thinking of stricter restrictions, involving 'vaccine passes', but there is some controversy among the public.
For more, we have Dr. Jung Ki-suck from Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital.
Dr. Jung, thank you for joining us.

There are both pros and cons regarding the issue of applying 'vaccine pass' rules to teenagers and to a wider range of facilities, including restaurants and cafes.
What are expected benefits and concerns?

The government originally said it was going to announce tightened disease-prevention measures today but postponed it to next Monday.
It seems they need more consideration and discussion?

Health officials say COVID-19 boosters should be considered a "must", saying it's the only way to reduce breakthrough infections.
What are your thoughts on this?

Meanwhile, a heavily mutated variant has been reported in South Africa.
Why is this variant so threatening?

There have been so many variants so far.
Can humanity fight them with the currently developed vaccines? Should there be updates on vaccines, too?

Do you have any updates on COVID-19 treatments for us?

That was Dr. Jung Ki-suck from Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital. Thank you for your insights.
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