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STUDIO TALK Updated: 2021-11-19 09:03:36 KST

STRESS related to the WORKPLACE CONTINUES to PLAGUE quite a number of workers AND EFFORTS to EXIT. pandemic-related RESTRICTIONS have some REMOTE WORKERS DREADING the RETURN to NORMALITY within the office.
For more I have Professor Won Eun-soo from Cha University.
It's a pleasure to have you back Professor Won.
I also have Visiting Professor An Jun-seong from Yonsei University.
It's good to see you again Professor An.

1) Professor Won let's start with the presence of stress prompted by interactions with people within the workplace.

1-2) One local SURVEY showed ALMOST HALF of all the office workers POLLED claiming to be content with social restrictions especially against gatherings.
Social gatherings AFTER OFFICE HOURS appear to be a MAJOR SOURCE of STRESS among workers.
Do you care to elaborate?

2) And Professor An in response to this reality WORKPLACE COUNSELING is an OPTION being adopted by local firms especially amid the pandemic.
Is there a legal support framework for such adoptions?

3) Professor An I hear Germany is seeking a law to give people the legal right to work from home.
Do tell us more about this effort AND what are your thoughts on the FEASIBILITY of a SIMILAR LAW here in Korea?
((Now the draft was published October last year but it has NOT progressed further.))

3-2) And Professor An new labour laws in Portugal make it ILLEGAL for an employer to contact an employee outside of office hours.
((Employers also need to HELP shoulder the burden of expenses incurred by remote working such as internet bills and higher electricity.))
What are your thoughts?

4) Professor Won has there been an actual surge in the number of office workers seeking professional medical attention for work-induced stress?

5) Professor Won is resignation a viable solution to this problem?
((An escape from the toxic environment would be wise.))

6) Professor An back in 2019 Korea introduced legislation to root out harassment within the workplace.
How effective has this introduction been?

7) So Professor An what can be done to better address these loopholes?
Are there any lessons that can be learnt from experiences elsewhere?

8) Professor Won I'd like to direct your attention now AWAY FROM the victim and TOWARDS the aggressor.
What are some of the typical traits of the latter?

8-2) Aside from the legal response what can the victim do to better PROTECT his or her psychological wellbeing?

9) Professor An here in Korea I believe there is NO LEGAL REQUIREMENT for employers to offer PAID SICK LEAVE to their employees for NON-WORK RELATED ILLNESSES or INJURIES.
Do tell us more.
((Korea and the U.S. are REPORTEDLY the ONLY TWO countries in the OECD where paid sick leave is NOT GUARANTEED.))

10) Professor Won stress within the workplace in quite a few cases has led to suicide.
What can be done to prevent this tragedy?

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