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Russian anti-satellite missile test draws condemnation Updated: 2021-11-17 08:46:13 KST

Russia on Tuesday confirmed that it conducted a missile test targeting an old space satellite, blowing up their target and creating debris that forced the International Space Station crew to shelter in capsules.
In response, Washington condemned Moscow's action, calling it a "dangerous and irresponsible" missile test.

"Russia's dangerous and irresponsible behavior jeopardizes the long term sustainability of outer space and clearly demonstrates that Russia's claims of opposing the weaponization of space are disingenuous and hypocritical. The United States will work with our allies and partners to respond to Russia's irresponsible act."

Experts also say that weapons that shatter satellites pose a space hazard, as the resulting clouds of fragments can collide with other objects, setting off a chain reaction of projectiles through the Earth's orbit.
The latest missile test reported created more than 15-hundred pieces of orbital debris.
However, in response,.. the Russian space agency downplayed the situation, saying that the missile test was incident-free.
The satellite targeted for the test was the Kosmos-1408, a spy satellite launched in 1982, which stopped working many years ago.
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