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Gyeongju Expo Grand Park invites visitors to enjoy range of cultural content Updated: 2021-11-01 09:47:33 KST

South Korea's city of Gyeongju, a place packed full of cultural heritage, is a great place to visit at this time of year.
Other than its numerous famous cultural assets there is also a theme park that's perfect for families with young kids.
Kim Bo-kyoung went to check it out and files this report.

Dubbed a historical gem Gyeongju city in Gyeongsangbuk-do Province is packed full of cultural assets.
Those include Cheomseongdae the celestial observatory that shows the Silla Kingdom's technology and House of the Choe Family, a typical home for the wealthy aristocracy of the Joseon era.
A more modern site is Gyeongju Expo Grand Park, which has been attracting lots of visitors recently.

"Gyeongju Expo Grand Park is where the Gyeongju World Culture Expo has taken place since 1998. For ten times until 2019 we have shown the Silla Kingdom's exquisite cultural heritage content, fusing analogue and digital forms and now it has become a theme park that runs 24/7."

"The centerpiece of Gyeongju Expo Grand Park is the 82-meter high Gyeongju Tower, featuring a life-sized engraved replication of the nine-story wooden pagoda of Hwangyongsa Temple."

The contemporary structure is an observatory to look over the surrounding landscape and imagine what it would be like to see what was the highest wooden tower in the world when it was built under Queen Seondeok's reign during the Silla Kingdom.
Nearby is the Seolgeo Art Museum, which displays artpieces by Korean painter Sosan Park Daesung inspired by Gyeongju's cultural treasures.
And cutting-edge technology is used to make modern art based on Silla's crowns and the divine bell of King Seongdeok.

"Gyeongju is a representative tourist spot embracing a number of national treasures and world heritages. However, to some, those assets could feel a little static. The grand park supplements such needs as a complex cultural theme park where people can enjoy high-tech content."

At night the place turns into a real theme park.
As Halloween approaches the walking trail is full of spooky lights and actors in scary costumes.
Thousands of people, especially families, visit the spot to enjoy the spooky atmosphere.

"It's very nice to study history during the day and enjoy ourselves at night."

"It's a great idea to introduce a popular event like Halloween to make the cultural heritage site feel much more accessible to people."

Combining cultural heritage with modern technology and popular events, the park looks to give visitors a different kind of experience.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang News, Gyeongju.
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