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Enjoying autumn breeze at Joseon Dynasty's royal palaces Updated: 2021-10-28 17:10:44 KST

It's Thursday, and with the weekend coming up, our regular weekly "Life With Culture" segment is ready to share cultural information with us. For this, our culture correspondent Kim Bo-kyoung is here in the studio, Bo-kyoung, the weather these days is wonderful to go out and breathe in the autumn breeze, could you recommend some places to visit?

Of course, the royal palaces in central Seoul are always great choices as the reddened leaves add to the atmosphere, but now it is much better as the palaces' gates have opened up to the public at night too. Let me show you the beautiful scenery inside.

Geunjeongjeon Hall is at its most sumptuous and stately under the moonlight.
The Joseon Dynasty's royal palaces have opened up their doors to visitors even at night, offering an opportunity to take in their beauty after work.
Gyeongbokgung Palace, the main royal palace, is one of those to have started this season's night tour program.
The tour has already been going on for 12 years, and with only a limited number of tickets, they sell fast every time.

"Through the unique experience of enjoying the night view of the palace, we wanted people to have a chance to know its historical value along with its beauty. We hope visitors can get rid of their stress at one of South Korea's representative cultural heritage sites."

The nightime tour runs for a month until November 29th, on every day except Tuesday, tickets cost three-thousand won and should be bought in advance from the e-commerce website 11Street.
Foreign nationals or those aged 65 or above can also purchase tickets on-site.
Even for Koreans, visiting at night is worth the effort.

"I am going abroad soon, and I came here to keep the most Korean vibe in my mind. During the day, it is magnificent, but at night I feel Korea's unique and soft sentiment."

"Gyeongbokgung Palace isn't the only spot that welcomes visitors at night. Seokjojeon Hall, the most prominent Western-style building of the Daehan Empire period is inviting people to enjoy a special night of music."

As if invited by the imperial family themselves, around a dozen people who booked the program beforehand can drink coffee on the terrace while listening to classical melodies.

"Given that the event is taking place at Seokjojeon Hall from the Daehan Empire period, we prepared the program reflecting Emperor Gojong's preference."

At the audience chamber, musical numbers from "Sontag Hotel", based on the very first Western-style hotel in Korea, add to the excitement of the tour.

The view is absolutely amazing. I should give it a try. Are those two only programs that are going on right now?

There are more. Changdeokgung Palace has also started its annual moonlit night tours, which will go on until November 7th.
It also has some new special programs.
And at Changgyeonggung Palace, people can give their own parents the unique experience of dressing in traditional costumes and enjoying cultural performances.

Enjoying the autumn breeze at the royal palaces at night would be amazing. For those who cannot make it to the sites due to the limited number of tickets, what other activities can people enjoy this autumn?

Well, Olympic Park in Songpa-gu District would be another great spot to take a stroll.
The park, built for the 1986 Asian Games and the 1988 Olympic Games, is a wonderful place to enjoy nature at this time of the year, but visitors this autumn are flocking there to see a recent installation.
Fans of "Squid Game" will definitely know the robot doll Young-hee, who appears in one of the episodes of the Netflix series.
The doll that catches out anyone who moves while playing the "Red light, Green light" game has been installed at Olympic Park.
Young-hee will stay at 88 Jandi Madang until mid-November, and be moved around the park for three more months after that.
Officials say Young-hee was lent to the park for free by Netflix for marketing purposes.

It must be attracting lots of visitors given that it is a wonderful photo spot for Squid Game lovers?

Totally, from 10AM to 6PM, Young-hee's voice even comes out of the speaker saying "Red Light, Green Light" so people feel like they are really playing the game.
Lots of visitors were at the site, let me share some of the interviews.

"Squid Game is popular across the world right now. We are TikTok content creators and lots of our followers and users are very curious about the installation so we came here."
"Then I was walking around there, I saw the small lady here and I was "No way, that's the 'Squid Game' girl? Let's see". I was approaching it and I thought it is nice to hear the song, it would be nice and then the song starts, so it's funny and but scary at the same time."

It is always interesting when the props and items used in dramas can be seen in real life, and that is the same when it comes to K-pop too. Is anything special going on for K-pop fans?

K-pop lovers would know that superstars BTS had an online concert last Sunday.
One more exciting bit of news, the band's agency has opened up a pop-up store in Seongdong-gu District titled “BTS POP-UP : PERMISSION TO DANCE in SEOUL".
Fans can look around the exhibits and videos from albums BTS have released so far, and they can also buy BTS merchandise.
The store is decorated with the signature orange color set from the music video "Permission to Dance" which was released this July.
The store is open until November 21st.

Well BTS fans will be fascinated by that. I heard that soon BTS will be having a live performance in the U.S.?

That's right, BTS are planning to have concerts in Los Angeles with fans present for the first time in two years.
The concerts are on November 27th and 28th and December 1st and 2nd.
The group's agency says tickets have already sold out, and that it is going to prepare a zone in front of the stadium so that other fans can see the show through a screen.

Their fans must be so excited to see a live show now, given that that is the first time since the pandemic broke out. Thank you Bo-kyoung for sharing such information. I will see you next week.

Thank you.
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