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STUDIO TALK Updated: 2021-10-28 10:46:23 KST

BROADER COVID-19 vaccination coverage is PROMPTING MORE QUESTIONS about POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECTS and other related matters.
So to answer some of those inquiries I have Doctor Alice Hyun-Kyung Tan from MizMedi Women's Hospital.
It's a pleasure to have you back Doctor Tan.
I also have Professor David Kwak from Soon Chun Hyang University.
Welcome back Professor Kwak.

1) Doctor Tan BEFORE we actually delve into the day's issue LET'S start with a few words on the latest surge in the daily tally here.
What is behind the recent spikes in cases?

2) Professor Kwak what are the implications of the recent hikes in daily infections especially in light of efforts to transition out of pandemic-related restrictions?

3) Now then Doctor Tan do tell us about the POSSIBLE PHYSICAL DISCOMFORTS that FOLLOW COVID-19 vaccination.
3-2) AND is it TRUE that younger people are MORE LIKELY to EXPERIENCE such conditions?

4) Professor Kwak there is talk that such post-inoculation responses are indications of stronger immune systems.
Hence the young and healthy are more likely to complain of fever headaches muscle aches and so forth after COVID-19 vaccination.
Is there any truth behind such talk?

5) And Doctor Tan I have yet another true or false question here.
RECEIVING an m-RNA vaccine on one's RIGHT arm REDUCES one's RISK of myocarditis and pericarditis.
True or false?

6) AlsoDoctor Tan some people claim only certain pain killers can be taken to ease inoculation-related discomforts.
Is this true?
6-2) And what about drinking coffee after COVID-19 vaccination?
Does it interfere with the function of the vaccine?

7) Professor Kwak given concerns of breakthrough infections a growing number of vaccinated people are seeking COVID-19 antibody screenings via the use of self-test kits which are NO LONGER being sold at pharmacies.
How accurate are these self-test kits?

8) Professor Kwak some people are saying getting either the COVID-19 vaccine OR the seasonal flu vaccine will be ENOUGH to fight off a potential twindemic.
Are they right?

9) Doctor Tan is it necessary to get the seasonal flu vaccine this year if one got it last year?
7-2) And Doctor Tan we've been told that the wearing of face masks LED to FEWER FLU PATIENTS last winter.
IF I plan on having my face mask on all the time can I skip the flu vaccine this season?

10) Moving on Professor Kwak come November one will need to prove he or she has been VACCINATED AGAINST or UNINFECTED WITH COVID-19 to access certain venues.
Do tell us a bit about these venues and the people who need to submit such proof.

11) Doctor Tan I believe you were in the U.S. for quite a while before recently returning to Korea.
Do compare for us the use of such verifications over in the U.S. and here on the local front.

12) Doctor Tan COVID-19 tests are currently free of charge here in Korea but this may change as we seek to transition out of the pandemic.
What is the payment policy like elsewhere?

13) Professor Kwak what are some issues to consider AMID EFFORTS to EXPAND COVID-19 vaccinations to INCLUDE children between the ages of FIVE and 11?
((Dosage depending on child's weight instead of age?))

14) Doctor Tan authorities here are looking to expand public booster coverage amid concerns over breakthrough infections.
What are your thoughts on such efforts as we move beyond the pandemic?

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