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Korean cultural wave leads to 26 new Korean words added to Oxford dictionary Updated: 2021-10-06 17:15:23 KST

Twenty-six new words related to Korean culture have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary as of September, global news outlets reported yesterday.
This isn't surprising, considering the popularity of Korean culture. And with the recent K-drama boom, we can expect more words to be added to the list anytime soon.
Speaking of K-drama boom, Squid Game is No. 1 on Netflix's Top TV shows for 13 days in a row as of today, topping the list in 75 countries.
Meanwhile, in 6 of the countries that Squid Game did not top the list, another K-drama, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, took the glory.
Just before Squid Game was launched, the Korean drama portraying the darker side of Korea's military culture, D.P., got a lot of attention.

So what's driving the K-drama craze? And what are some Korean words officially acknowledged in English? We'll talk more about it with Youngdae Kim, our regular culture critic in the studio. Thanks for joining us.

So, let's begin with the Oxford English Dictionary listing. Could you introduce to us some of the new Korean words listed on the dictionary and their meanings?

Why do you think the listing of these words are significant? How do you, as culture critic, see these choices in listed words? What are some patterns, similarities, or themes you see from this list?

One of the words listed in the Oxford dictionary this year is K-drama and undeniably so, speaking of their popularity these days. Squid Game is the global talk of the town. What do you think is the success factor behind Squid Game?

Many Korean dramas of films are debuting through Netflix and many writers and directors do appreciate this because they say Netflix gives them the freedom to unleash their creativity without boundaries. However, some critics worry that this may be just doing good for Netflix as creators are giving away their intellectual property to Netflix. What would you say about this? What are the downsides?

That was culture critic Youngdae Kim with us in the studio. Thanks for your insights.
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