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COVID-19 vaccine reservations start on Tuesday for teenagers in S. Korea aged 16 to 17 Updated: 2021-10-05 05:37:31 KST

We start with COVID-19 situation in South Korea.
The country's health authorities are kicking off the next phase of their national inoculation campaign by opening vaccine reservations for teenagers who are 16 to 17.
Officials say online bookings for that age group will start this evening.
For more on that and other COVID-related news, we have our Choi Won-jong in the studio.
Won-jong, the K-D-C-A reports over 77 percent of South Korea's population have received their first jabs so far. this next phase is expected to boost that further

Good morning, guys.
Like you said, starting today Tuesday here in Korea teenagers aged between 16 and 17 will be able to book vaccine appointments, providing they have their parents' consent.
Like previous reservation methods, reserving a slot will be done online starting 8 PM, Korea Time.

Beginning October 18th those with reservations will begin getting the mRNA vaccine from Pfizer with a THREE-WEEK interval between the first and second dose.
For kids between 12 to 15 years old their booking window starts on October 18th and their vaccinations will kick off in November, AGAIN their parents have to consent.
Also, reservations for the third additional vaccine shot so-called Booster shots will start on Tuesday.
At 8 PM, Korea time those over 60s and most medical workers will be ELIGIBLE to receive the extra jabs.
This comes after health authorities have been seeing numerous breakthrough cases due to the Delta variant.

Speaking of booster shots we hear health authorities in other parts of the world have also given the green light to booster shots. Tell us more about that.

Yeah, Europe's top drug agency has approved the administering of booster shots for people 18 and older.
The European Medicines Agency said Monday this will be the case for all adults and will be available for people AT LEAST 6 months after the second dose.

They'll get the Pfizer vaccine.
What's interesting is that this approval is a much larger age group than the U.S. FDA approved - the United States only allowing it for those over 65.
In the U.S., Johnson AND Johnson's Janssen vaccine is seeking FDA approval for its booster shot.
The pharmaceutical company will be submitting the necessary paperwork this week.
The Janssen vaccine is SINGLE dose.
The FDA and outside experts have been discussing whether to give the greenlight for this vaccine and we'll see what unfolds over the coming days.

Won-jong, people in Korea are going back to work today after a three-day long weekend.
Health authorities are concerned another surge occurring this week.
What's the forecast for today's figures?

From midnight to 9 PM Sunday new cases were reported at 1-thousand 515.
But the final figure through midnight is expected to be around 17-hundred.

The daily figure dropped below 2-thousand mark recently.
However, this could be a temporary slowdown BECAUSE fewer tests were conducted over the long weekend.
Authorities are also concerned about a holiday surge as more people traveled around the country during the three-day weekend.
I will be back with confirmed daily figure later in the day.

Ok, Won-jong, we appreciate the info - hopefully this temporary dip becomes a long-lasting dip and a continual decline. Thanks.
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