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N. Korea willing to respond to U.S. call for talks if it stops 'hostile policies' Updated: 2021-09-28 09:07:41 KST

Meanwhile at the UN General Assembly in New York, North Korea says it will respond to U.S. calls for talks if Washington ends what it calls America's hostile policies toward the regime.
For more, we have our North Korean affairs correspondent Kim Dami on the line.
Dami, tell us more.

Sure, Mok-yeon. So North Korea has signaled it could return to dialogue with the U.S. BUT only under certain conditions such as if Washington permanently ends its joint military drills with South Korea and removes its strategic weapons from the Korean Peninsula.
This is what the North Korean ambassador to the UN, Kim Sung, said on Monday at the 76th UN General Assembly.
Kim pressed Washington to abandon its hostile policies by halting the joint drills and taking out its strategic weaponry if it truly wants peace and reconciliation with the North.
He then called for action, not just words, that show the Biden administration doesn't have hostile intentions toward the regime.
This is in line with what the North Korean leader's sister Kim Yo-jong said in her recent statements, criticizing the so-called double standard of Seoul and Washington for having American troops stationed in the South.
The North Korean envoy further criticized Seoul for prioritizing the alliance over harmony, claiming that inter-Korean relations remain under America's shadow.
Despite mentioning what he called self-defensive moves like the regime's development of ICBMs, Kim was careful to insist the North doesn't intend to put South Korea, the U.S. or any other surrounding nations at risk.

Ok, we seem to hear what North Korea thinks about security issues, but today is also big day domestically for the regime as North Korea is opening its Supreme People's Assembly.

That's right. The North is expected to convene its annual Supreme People's Assembly on Tuesday.
This is the forum where the ruling Workers' Party deals internal affairs, including legislation and the state budget.
It's unusual for this assembly to happen so soon as the previous one was only held some 8 months ago in January.
Analysts expect no message for Seoul or Washington, saying the focus will be the North's mountain of internal issues given that it has a lot on its plate domestically.
There's also attention on whether Kim Jong-un will appear, as he gave a speech at the 14th assembly in April 2019.
That's when he expressed North Korea's willingness to hold a third summit with the U.S., something that never materialized.
That's is all I have for now.
Back to you, Mok-yeon.
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