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Firefighting drones evolve to extinguish fires and move patients Updated: 2021-09-25 14:32:01 KST

The day when drone fleets extinguish fires or help move patients from disaster zones might not be that far away.
South Korea's fire service and academics are working together to develop such drones.
Lee Eun-jin reports.
A large drone lands on a building rooftop.
A 60-kilogram mannequin, replicating an injured patient, is placed on the drone.
This is a demonstration of a drone moving a patient from a disaster situation at a high-rise building.
The drone safely brings the patient down to the ground level where paramedics are waiting.

A large building fire
This time, drones geared up with firefighting equipment are dispatched.
They spray fire extinguishing chemicals on the source of the fire without getting in each other's way.
These drones can also shoot fire-extinguishing chemicals downward to cover larger areas, ideal for responding to situations like forest fires.

Joint research by the Chungnam Fire Service Headquarters and academics has brought drones to the level where disaster relief aid can be demonstrated. They can reach places that are too high for fire truck ladders, and are faster than people at extinguishing fires.

Fires in higher skyscrapers can be reached if we change the battery system to use hydrogen cell batteries or a battery that's currently in development.

Drones have been used by firefighters to help detect living beings at the scene of fires. They are now evolving to extinguish fires and move patients.
Lee Eunjin, Arirang News.
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