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Tourism campaign videos 'Feel the Rhythm of Korea' catching global viewers' eyes Updated: 2021-09-17 09:51:54 KST

"I want to join the village party. So much fun. I love the images of the countryside and the warmhearted, earthy feel."
"Each city in Korea is different and has its own uniqueness."

Titled "Feel the Rhythm of Korea Season Two", the eight-part tourism campaign series introduced by the Korea Tourism Organization is again getting attention from global viewers.
Last year, season one featured Leenalchi and the Ambiguous Dance Company, backed by pansori music, and this year offers another fresh mix: Korean hip-hop along with traditional folk music called 'Minyo'.
As well as big cities such as Gangneung and Busan, lesser known places are included in the videos, and these are getting a lot of attention.
The episode set in Seosan featuring local residents' daily routines by the mudflats on the west coast has already surpassed 10-million views.
It features scenes similar to the movie "Mad Max: Fury Road" which the video makers got inspiration from such as the way how the tractor is geared up, the skeleton head made out of clams, and how tractors were going at breakneck speeds.

"Filming it was tough. It was the monsoon season and we had to film when the biggest typhoon and rainstorm had come. We only had two hours due to the tide, and our cars got stuck on the mud flats."

The episode set in Suncheon was also popular.
Through the daily routine of elderly residents, such as making coffee mix, carrying a child in a 'podaegi' wrapping blanket, using a 'homi' farming tool, and eating 'jeon' and 'makgeoli', viewers can see the unique vibe of the Korean countryside.
An idea developer says the one that focuses on fashionable elderly people in the Dongmyo neighborhood is another unique video worth watching.

"I saw a comment saying one of the Seoul series shows the harmony between the young and the old generation. I felt proud about how we could shed light on the old generation too."

The hip-hop rhythms are attracting viewers, and when people can start visiting Korea again, these lesser-known places could get some extra attention.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.
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