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S. Korea develops eco-friendly way to recycle cardboard Updated: 2021-08-30 09:20:32 KST

A company in South Korea has developed a more eco-friendly way to recycle cardboard materials.
Contrary to the conventional way of recycling cardboard, this new method does not require any chemicals which are harmful to the environment.
This means no chemical waste or any additional expense of energy.
The key idea involves cutting the used cardboard according to the fold lines and reattaching new cardboard pieces onto them.

"Boxes have tape marks because they are reattached to other boxes. Eco-friendly marks are stamped on them as well. Only clean boxes are recycled and they are all disinfected. "

During the recycling process, a special pad is inserted in between the edges of the cut pieces. Developers say the pads are made with special materials that hold the cardboard pieces together.

"This is our pad. Starch paste is applied on each side. They automatically stick to anything they touch."

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to prolong, South Korea is seeing a constant uptick in cardboard usage driven by an increase in home shopping and deliveries. Industry insiders are optimistic that this new method will contribute to South Korea becoming a leader in eco-friendly recycling in the future.
Cho Sung-min, Arirang News.
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